CBM Library Tape Messages By Stephen Kaung

Date Delievered Category Title Speaker Language
2/??/77 S002-01 Spiritual leadership -- I. A perfect heart Kaung, S. E
10/??/76 S001-02 Life and ministry of Elisha (2) Kaung, S. E
10/??/76 S001-01 Life and ministry of Elisha (1) Kaung, S. E
3/??/77 S002-03 Right Leadership and a Prefared People -- Hezekiah Kaung, S. E
3/??/77 S002-04 Right Leadership and a Prefared People -- Hezekiah Kaung, S. E
8/??/77 S003-01 John the Baptist Kaung, S. E
8/??/77 S003-02 A People Prepared for the Lord Kaung, S. E
10/??/77 S003-03 The Witness of John the Baptist Kaung, S. E
10/??/&& S003-04 The Lord's Witness of John the Baptist Kaung, S. E
1978/5/28 S004-01 John's Ministry of Recovery: Life Kaung, S. E
1978/5/29 S004-02 John's Ministry of Recovery:The Absolute and the Ultimate Kaung, S. E
1978/7/23 S004-03 John's Ministry of Recovery: The Ultimate Kaung, S. E
1978/12/31 S005-01 Thirsty for God -- Ps. 42 Kaung, S. E
1979/1/28 S005-02 Lesson of Faith -- Ps. 44 Kaung, S. E
4/??/79 S005-03 Psalm 46 Kaung, S. E
1981/1/24 S005-04 Psalm 90 Kaung, S. E
1981/2/22 S005-05 Psalm 91 Kaung, S. E
1978/9/11 S006-01 The Testimony of Jesus Kaung, S. E
1978/10/7 S006-02 Vision of Christ Kaung, S. E
1978/10/22 S006-03 Vision of the Throne of God and of the Lamb Kaung, S. E
1978/11/5 S006-04 The Third Vision of the Lord Jesus - The Strong Angel. Rev.10 Kaung, S. E
?? S006-05 The 4th Vision - The Lamb on Mt. Zion and the Son of Man on the Cloud Kaung, S. E
1978/11/26 S006-06 The Fifth Vision -- The Last War Kaung, S. E
1978/12/10 S006-07 The 6th Vision -- The Great White Throne Kaung, S. E
12/78/78 S006-08 The 7th Vision -- The New Jerusalem Kaung, S. E
5/??/79 S007-01 Priestly and Levitical Service Kaung, S. E
5/??/79 S007-02 The Body of Christ Kaung, S. E
6/??/79 S007-03 I Cor. 12:31-14:1 Kaung, S. E
6/??/79 S007-04 Body Function Kaung, S. E
10/??/79 S008-01 Spiritual Life: The Sentence of Death II Cor. Kaung, S. E
11/??/79 S008-02 Spiritual Life: The Fragrance of Christ II Cor. Kaung, S. E
11/??/79 S008-03 Spiritual Ministry: The Letter of Christ II Cor. Kaung, S. E
12/??/79 S008-04 Spiritual Ministry: The Secret of Spiritual Ministry II Cor. 4 Kaung, S. E
?? S008-05 Spiritual Ministry: The Motivation of Spiritual Ministry II Cor. 5: 9 Kaung, S. E
1970/4/6 S008-06 Yes is Christ II Cor. Kaung, S. E
1980/3/9 S008-07 The Spiritual Man: Authority Kaung, S. E
1980/3/16 S008-08 Fools for Christ -- II Corin. 11 Kaung, S. E
1980/3/23 S008-09 Spiritual Man: A Man of Vision Kaung, S. E
1980/3/30 S008-10 Spiritual Man: The Cross Kaung, S. E
1980/4/6 S009-01 Worship: In Spirit and Truth Kaung, S. E
1980/4/13 S009-02 Worship: What Is Worship? Kaung, S. E
1980/4/20 S009-03 Corporate Worslhip Kaung, S. E
1980/5/18 S009-04 The Breaking of Bread Kaung, S. E
1980/6/1 S009-05 Worship: Worship and Prayer Kaung, S. E
1980/6/8 S009-06 Worship: Worship and Work Kaung, S. E
1980/6/22 S009-07 Worhip: Worship and Warfare Kaung, S. E
??/??/80 S010-01 Nee: The Early Years (Part I) Kaung, S. E
??/??/80 S010-02 Biography of Nee -- Part II Kaung, S. E
??/??/80 S010-03 Life of Watchman Nee III Kaung, S. E
1982/1/17 S011-01 Christ in Genesis: Abel's Sacrifice Kaung, S. E
1982/1/24 S011-02 Christ in Genesis: Enoch-Heaven Kaung, S. E
1982/1/31 S011-03 Christ in Genesis: Noah's Ark Kaung, S. E
1982/2/7 S011-04 Christ in Genesis: Abraham's Altar Kaung, S. E
1982/3/7 S011-05 Christ in Genesis: Issac's Wells Kaung, S. E
1982/3/21 S011-06 Christ in Genesis: Jacob's Pillars Kaung, S. E
1982/4/4 S011-07 Christ in Genesis: Joseph's Throne Kaung, S. E
1975 S012-01 Proverbs "Introduction: What Is Wisdom?" (1) Kaung, S. E
1975 S012-02 Proverbs: "The Seven Pillars: Righteousness" (2) Kaung, S. E
1975 S012-03 Proverbs: "The Seven Pillars: Diligence" (3) Kaung, S. E
1975 S012-04 Proverbs: "The Seven Pillars: Love" (4) Kaung, S. E
1975 S012-05 Proverbs: "The Seven Pillars: Humility" (5) Kaung, S. E
1975 S012-06 Proverbs: "The Seven Pillars: Graciousness" (6) Kaung, S. E
1975 S012-07 Proverbs: "The Seven Pillars: Discipline" (7) Kaung, S. E
1975 S012-08 Proverbs: "Truthfulness" (8) Kaung, S. E
1975 S012-09 Proverbs: "Conclusion" (9) Kaung, S. E
1983/9/11 S013-01 Knowing Christ as Our King Kaung, S. E
1981/10/2 S013-02 Christ, God's Servant Kaung, S. E
1983/10/16 S013-03 Seeing Jesus as Son of Man Luke Kaung, S. E
1983/11/20 S013-04 Seeing Christ as Son of Man John Kaung, S. E
1984/5/6 S013-05 Seeing Christ In the Body Acts Kaung, S. E
1984/5/13 S013-06 Seeing Christ as the Gospel Rom Kaung, S. E
1984/6/3 S013-07 Seeing Christ Through Problems Kaung, S. E
1984/6/24 S013-08 Seeing Christ in Spirituality II Cor Kaung, S. E
1984/7/22 S013-09 Seeing Christ Through Errors Kaung, S. E
1984/9/9 S013-10 Seeing Christ in the Church Ephesians Kaung, S. E
1984/9/18 S013-11 Seeing Christ in Christian Experience Philippians Kaung, S. E
1984/10/21 S013-12 Seeing Christ as the Fullness of God Colossians Kaung, S. E
1984/10/28 S013-13 Seeing Christ in His Parousia I Thessalonians Kaung, S. E
1984/12/23 S013-14 Seeing Christ in the Day of the Lord II Thessalnians Kaung, S. E
1984/12/30 S013-15 Seeing Christ in Church Order I Tim. Kaung, S. E
1/??/85 S013-16 Seeing Christ in Church Crisis II Tim. Kaung, S. E
2/??/85 S013-17 Seeing Christ in amazing Love Philem Kaung, S. E
2/??/85 S013-18 Christ our apostle and High Priest Hebrew Kaung, S. E
3/??/85 S013-19 Seeing Christ in Living Faith: James Kaung, S. E
3/??/85 S013-20 Christ, the Shepherd of our souls I Peter Kaung, S. E
?? S013-21 Seeing Christ in His everlasting kingdom II Peter Kaung, S. E
9/??/85 S013-22 II John: Fellowship in Love and Truth Kaung, S. E
1985/11/3 S013-23 III John: Seeing Christ in Hospitality Kaung, S. E
1985/12/15 S013-24 Jude: Seeing Christ Through Apostasy Kaung, S. E
2/??/86 S013-25 Revelation: Seeing Christ as Heir of All Things Kaung, S. E
1982/4/11 S014-01 Moses, God's Servant: First Forty Years Kaung, S. E
1982/4/18 S014-02 Moses, God's Servant: Second Forty Years Kaung, S. E
1982/5/2 S014-03 Moses, God's Servant: Last Forty Years Kaung, S. E
1982/5/16 S014-04 Moses, God's Servant: Faith and Faithfulness Kaung, S. E
1982/6/13 S015-01 Joshua: Soldier of the Lord Kaung, S. E
1982/6/27 S015-02 Joshua: A Soldier's Soldier Kaung, S. E
1982/7/18 S016-01 Aaron and His Sons: The Holy Priesthood Kaung, S. E
1982/8/8 S016-02 The Levitical Service Kaung, S. E
1985/4/20 S017-01 God Hath Spoken: Introduction of Old Testament Kaung, S. E
1986/5/4 S017-02 God Hath Spoken: Genesis "The Will of God" Kaung, S. E
1986/6/1 S017-03 God Hath Spoken: Exodus "The Works of God" Kaung, S. E
1986/6/15 S017-04 God Hath Spoken: Leviticus "The Ways of God" Kaung, S. E
1986/9/14 S017-05 God Hath Spoken: Numbers "The Walk of God" Kaung, S. E
1986/9/21 S017-06 God Hath Spoken: Deuteronomy "The Word of God" Kaung, S. E
1986/10/26 S017-07 God Hath Spoken: Joshua Kaung, S. E
1986/11/9 S017-08 God Hath Spoken: Judges Kaung, S. E
1986/12/21 S017-09 God Hath Spoken: Ruth Right of redemption Kaung, S. E
1986/12/28 S017-10 God Hath Spoken: I Samuel Kaung, S. E
1982/5/7 S018-01 Paul: The Chosen Vessel Life Kaung, S. E
1982/5/8 S018-02 Paul: The Chosen Vessel Knowledge Kaung, S. E
1982/5/9 S018-03 Paul: The Chosen Vessel Service Kaung, S. E
1982/8/15 S019-01 Commitment to the Head: Christ Kaung, S. E
1982/8/22 S019-02 Commitment to the Body of Christ Kaung, S. E
1982/9/12 S019-03 The Cost of Commitment Kaung, S. E
1982/10/3 S019-04 The Testing and Blessing of Commitment Kaung, S. E
1983/4/10 S020-01 Life Within the Veil Kaung, S. E
1983/4/17 S020-02 Living Within the Camp Kaung, S. E
1983/5/8 S021-01 Hebrews: The Letter of Exhortation Exhortation #1 Kaung, S. E
1983/5/15 S021-02 Hebrews: The Heavenly Calling Exhortation #2 Kaung, S. E
1983/6/5 S021-03 Hebrews: Perfection Exhortation #3 Kaung, S. E
1983/7/24 S021-04 Hebrews: Exhortation #4 Kaung, S. E
1983/7/31 S021-05 Exhortation #5: The prize Kaung, S. E
1991/5/26 S022-01 Divine Order (1) Kaung, S. E
1991/5/26 S022-02 Divine Order (2) Kaung, S. E
?? S023-01 Spiritual House: The Meaning of the House Kaung, S. E
?? S023-02 Spiritual House: The Building of the House (1) Kaung, S. E
?? S023-03 Spiritual House: The Building of the House (2) Kaung, S. E
5/25/?? S024-01 Rest and Fight (1) Kaung, S. E
5/26/?? S024-02 Rest and Fight (2) Kaung, S. E
2000/12/24 S066-01 Psalm of degrees, Ps 124 Kaung, S. EC
2001/2/11 S066-02 Psalm of degrees, Ps 127 Kaung, S. EC
2001/4/29 S066-03 Psalm of degrees, Ps 132 Kaung, S. EC
2001/5/20 S066-04 Psalm of degrees, Ps 134 Kaung, S. EC
2002/5/12 S067-01 Following the Lamb (1) Kaung, S. EC
2002/5/19 S067-02 Following the Lamb (2) Kaung, S. EC
1990/8/2 S068-01 致以弗所教會的信 江守道 CE
1990/8/3 S068-02 致示每拿﹐別迦摩教會的信 江守道 CE
1992/8/3 S068-03 致示每拿﹐別迦摩教會的信 (2) 江守道 CE
1992/8/4 S068-04 致推雅推喇﹐撒狄教會的信 江守道 CE
1992/8/4 S068-05 致推雅推喇﹐撒狄教會的信 (2) 江守道 CE
1992/8/5 S068-06 致非拉鐵非﹐老底嘉教會的信 江守道 CE
1992/8/5 S068-07 致非拉鐵非﹐老底嘉教會的信 (2) 江守道 CE
1989/11/24 S069-01 Principles of Living Kaung, S. EC
1989/11/25 S069-02 Principles of Believing Kaung, S. EC
1989/11/26 S069-03 Principles of Worship Kaung, S. EC
2003/9/6 S073-01 The Process of Building (1) Kaung, S.  
2003/9/7 S073-02 The Process of Building (2) Kaung, S.  

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