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No. Title (February 2017) Speaker
1    From Children to Sons    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
No. Title (January 2017) Speaker
2    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
3    Overcoming in Philadelphia    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
4    Treasure in Earthen Vessels    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
5    Love with Knowledge    (download) Bro. Mac Graham
6    Christian Testimony with LGBT Community evening workshop    (download) Bro. Mac Graham
7    Christian Testimony with LGBT Community afternoon workshop    (download) Bro. Mac Graham
8    Christian Testimony with LGBT Community Sunday Workshop    (download) Bro. Mac Graham
9    Seek Thy Face    (download) Bro. Maurice Geeslin
No. Title (February 2017) Speaker
10    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
11    Overcoming in Laodicea    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
12    How to be the children of God    (download) Bro. Tsimin Chan
No. Title (March 2017) Speaker
13    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
14    Overcomers from All Ages    (download) Bro. Stephen Kaung
15    Overcoming in Esther    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
16    Glorified with Christ    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
No. Title (April 2017) Speaker
17    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
18    Sonship and Kingship    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
19    I am the resurrection and the life    (download) Bro. Geoffrey Pittman
20    2017 Youth Weekend Conference Sharing    (download) Brothers and Sisters
21    Gospel Meeting - Where are you?    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
No. Title (May 2017) Speaker
22    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
23    The Gospel of His Second Coming    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
24    Overcoming Testimony    (download) Bro. Enoch Chao

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