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No. Title (January 2015) Speaker
1    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
2    Love the Lord and obey His command    (download) Bro. Lucio Aguirre
3    Family Workshop - 1/2    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
4    Family Workshop - 2/2    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
5    Normal Christian Family    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
6    Christ in you, the hope of glory    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
No. Title (February 2015) Speaker
7    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
8    Christ Supreme    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
9    Christ the preeminence in family    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
10    Through Him who has loved us    (download) Bro. Tsimin Chan
No. Title (March 2015) Speaker
11    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
12    Normal Christian Family    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
13    Lessons from Samson    (download) Bro. Jason Sung
14    Christ Supreme - the progress    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
15    2015-03-29 Open Sharings By Brothers and Sisters    (download) Brothers and Sisters
No. Title (April 2015) Speaker
16    Sword, Fire and Sacrifice    (download) Bro. Geoffrey Pittman
17    2015-04-12_Youth_Weekend_Conference_Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
18    The Full Moon Became like Blood    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
19    The Preeminence of Christ    (download) Bro. Daniel Lee
No. Title (May 2015) Speaker
20    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
21    Testimony    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
22    Mystery of God    (download) Bro. Richard Yang
23    Testimony    (download) Bro. Stephen Kaung
24    Godly Parenting    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
25    Church of Laodicean and Philadelphia    (download) Bro. Stephen Kaung
26    Contentment and Holy Discontent - Paul's example and words    (download) Bro. Maurice Geeslin
No. Title (June 2015) Speaker
27    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
28    The Sacrifice of Praise    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
29    Gospel Meeting - the Good Samariatan    (download) Bro. Isaac PEi
No. Title (July 2015) Speaker
30    Christ Above All    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
31    Open Sharings    (download) Borthers and Sisters
32    Sharing from Longwood Christian Family Conference    (download) Brothers and Sisters
33    Christ the Preeminence: the langauge of Christ    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
34    Christ the Preeminence: the Testimony of Unity    (download) Bro. Lucio Aguirre
No. Title (August 2015) Speaker
35    Open Sharings by Brothers and Sisters    (download) Brothers and Sisters
36    Sharings from Toronto Youth Conference    (download) Brothers and Sisters
37    Christ the Preeminence in Everything    (download) Bro. Tsimin Chan
38    Preeminence of Christ - the Practical Aspect in Colossians    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
39    The Days of the Son of Man    (download) Bro. Denny Leung
No. Title (September 2015) Speaker
40    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
41    See Christ in the Word of God    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
42    Christ the Preeminence through History    (download) Bro. Daniel Chen
43    The Salvation of Our Souls    (download) Bro. Godwin Sun
44    The Mainifold Wisdom of God    (download) Bro. Jonathan Kim
No. Title (October 2015) Speaker
45    The fields are white, ready for harvest    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
46    Follow the Lead of the Holy Spirit    (download) Bro. Jason Sung
47    Open Sharings from Harvey Cedar (Northeast Christian Conference)    (download) Brothers and Sisters
48    Christ the Preeminence - Practical Exhortations    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
No. Title (November 2015) Speaker
49    Open Sharings    (download) Brothers and Sisters
50    Christ the Preeminence - Know Christ    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
51    Christ the Preeminence: Everyday Life    (download) Bro. Tsimin Chan
52    Look up, your redemption draws nigh    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
53    Bible Prophecy and World History    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
No. Title (December 2015) Speaker
54    Open Sharings by Brothers and Sisters    (download) Brothers and Sisters
55    Christ the Preeminence - Know Man    (download) Bro. Dana Congdon
56    The fig-tree and all the trees    (download) Bro. Christian Chen
57    Sharing on the book of Daniel    (download) Bro. Stephen Kaung, Enoch Chao and Christian Chen

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